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Issues and Targets
The action was developed to make common, often subtle discriminating practices in the workplace culture visible.

Description of Offer/ Action
Drama group members and, albeit to a lesser extent, the audience, will realize how implicit bias affects treatment of individuals in our working community, and also often get ideas how to combat these practices on themselves and others.

Implementation Approach
Before some work well-being days, annual seminars and equality theme days, groups of volunteers have been given a short general description of common discriminating behavior types (or, for example, master suppression techniques). They were then given a task to come up with a drama script of an everyday example of one type of discriminating behavior and practice a drama performance of a few minutes. In some cases, the assignment also includes scripting and acting possible countermeasures to the behavior. The Drama pieces were presented as part of the seminar or another event program, and discussed, often as group work.

Results and Modes of Action
The understanding and visibility concerning the ways subtle discrimination and implicit bias affect our behavior has risen, and the extent of this kind of behavior diminished.

Success Criteria and Possible Obstacles
The people most effectively affected are the drama group members, and thus is advisable to involve a wide variety of people in the group work.

This Offer is Part of the Category
Gender-sensitive organization culture