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What is the Gender Diversity Toolbox?

The Gender Diversity Toolbox is a collection of practical examples from and for research organizations dealing with gender diversity and the improvement of equal opportunities between genders. You will find proven actions and offers for different approaches to improving equal opportunities and diversity.

Especially in science, women are still underrepresented in many places: They are less often in a position of leadership and are in general less visible in the scientific field. Even though it is important that women and men are equally participated in decisions about what and how something is researched and developed. The practical examples in the toolbox point out approaches to overcome differences between social gender roles to improve the equality of opportunity between men and women.

The gender diversity toolbox invites you to get inspired by the practical examples and to pick up suggestions for your own research organization. The objective of the toolbox is to contribute to the improvement of equality of opportunities for men and women and to pave the way for the diversity of employees in the working life and to further promote this topic.

The toolbox thrives through the diversity of your examples; therefore, each further example is highly appreciated.

Following the link: Own practical example, you can share your actions and offers with others. Since this is the only way to make this toolbox more colorful, more diverse, and more informative. Thus all users get the opportunity to benefit from each other’s experience.

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