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Description of Issues and Targets
In order to facilitate the coordination of work and private life for our employees, we are quite flexible regarding the organization of working time.

Description of Offer/ Action
If required all employees have the opportunity to adapt their working time to individual needs and living situations. Due to an attractive drafting of employment contracts, flexible working hours and home office, this is made possible.

Implementation Approach
A prerequisite for the flexible organization of working time is the support of superiors who create the organizational basis for this.

Formal Requirements
The type of work and the involvement in institute procedures need to be considered. There needs to be a good organization and a functioning information flow.

Results and Modes of Action
The employees are making good use of the offer, e.g. female scientists who go back to work after parental leave, employees who have relatives that need to be cared for at home on a temporary basis, fathers who wish to take care for their families more intensively for some time etc.

This Offer is Part of the Category
Gender-sensitive Organization Culture
Reconciliation of Work and Private Life

Success Criteria and Possible Obstacles
Not all superiors are willing to provide this offer to their employees by ensuring reorganization and clear agreements. In this case support of the human resources department is reasonable.