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Description of Issues and Targets
An annual action day which is aimed at motivating girls and women to take up technical and scientific professions. Hereby we want to inform the girls about our institute, get them enthusiastic about our work and eventually win them over for a future internship or as employees.

Description of Offer/ Action
Our program includes a hands-on workshop and lectures and is advertised via the official Girls’ Day homepage.

Implementation Approach
A Girls’ Day team, which consists of volunteering employees, elaborates the program for the action day, makes relevant preparations and carries out the Girls’ Day.

Formal Requirements
Observation of time limits for the application on the Girls’ Day homepage.
Planning of personnel requirements for preparation and conduct.

Results and Modes of Action
The MEVIS Girls’ Day is annually offered to 12-15 girls since 2007. It is always quickly booked and has received a lot of positive response (feedback is provided by questionnaire).

This Offer is Part of the Category
Recruitment of young talents
Visibility of women in science

Success Criteria and Possible Obstacles
Topic related the offer of MEVIS is aimed at girls from the 7th grade upwards.