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Description of Issues and Targets
Need for childcare in case of closed daycare facilities or minor diseases.

Description of Offer/ Action
Two neighboring rooms were expanded to an open-plan parent-child-office with respective private space for caring for infants during parental leave but also for caring for children up to primary-school age in case of unforeseen events like the failure of childcare facilities, illnesses of caring persons or canceled lessons.

Implementation Approach
Child-friendly modification of two rooms, one into a crawling and quiet room for two small children, the other one into a room for playing and working for two older kids.

Formal Requirements
Framework conditions should be regulated by terms of use which have to be signed by the parents.

Results and Modes of Action
More than 20 employees showed interest in the utilization of the office. After a period of two months about 5 persons have actually made use of the offer.

This Offer is Part of the Category
Reconciliation of work and private life