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What is Gender Diversity?

Gender Diversity means the conscious recognition and support of gender-specific diversity. Talking about »Gender« in this setting does not refer to the biological term and cannot be equated to »sex« but is a social construct and thus changeable. »Gender« refers to social and cultural characterized Gender roles. »Gender Diversity« adds further differentiations to the term »Gender« such as age, origin, religion, physical and mental abilities and sexual orientation.

What is Equal Opportunity?

Equal opportunity means that everybody has the same opportunities, regardless of their origin and personal characteristics such as gender, age or religion. Within the framework of this toolbox, we concentrate on equal opportunity regarding women and men.

What is the »Gender Diversity Toolbox«?

The »Gender Diversity Toolbox« is a collection of tested practical examples for improving equal opportunity in research organizations.

What is the Objective of The »Gender Diversity Toolbox«?

The objective of the toolbox is to contribute to a transfer of the theoretical concept of »Gender Diversity« into professional practice. Employees, who already have experiences in the realization of this measures share these experiences. In this way, we want to enable a knowledge exchange. In summary, the goal of the »Gender Diversity Toolbox« is to give good ideas more publicity and to encourage the realization of already existing action at other institutions.

Who is Part of the Target Group of the »Gender Diversity Toolbox«?

The »Gender Diversity Toolbox« is dedicated to employees of research organizations who are interested in an improvement of Gender Diversity and who want to advocate for it and are accordingly interested in a realization of measures in their own research organization. This could be for instance the Equal Opportunities Officer, Diversity Manager or employees who work in human resource development.

What is included in the »Gender Diversity Toolbox«?

The content of the »Gender Diversity Toolbox« consists of so-called practical examples. These practical examples show measures relating to Gender Diversity that are realized in research organizations. The presentation of the practical examples in the Toolbox has a uniform structure. First, there is a general description of the measure, then there are details about the implementation approach and further information on success criteria and obstacles while the implementation process.

Who runs the »Gender Diversity Toolbox«?

The »Gender Diversity Toolbox« is an initiative of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart.

How is the »Gender Diversity Toolbox« structured?

The practical examples are assigned to the following six categories within the »Gender Diversity Toolbox«:

  • Gender-sensitive organizational culture
  • Reconciliation of work and private life
  • Career promotion of women
  • Recruitment
  • Gender-sensitive research
  • Visibility of Women in Science

How was the Gender Diversity Toolbox developed?

The »Gender Diversity Toolbox« was conceived and implemented by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO within the EU project STAGES (Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science). As part of the EU project JERRI (Joining Efforts for Responsible Research and Innovation), the »Gender Diversity Toolbox« will be expanded and internationalized.

Can I print or save the practice examples?

You can easily print out any of the practical examples by »pushing a button«, save them as PDF or send them as e-mail

How do I find a specific practice in the »Gender Diversity Toolbox«?

Using the menus of the individual subject areas, practical examples can be found according to thematic priorities. If a practical example is assigned to two topic fields, it can be found via both menu items.

How can I ask questions about a practical example?

If you have questions about a practical example, please contact the team of the »Gender Diversity Toolbox«, preferably by e-mail. Your question will be forwarded to the author of the practical example.

How do I submit a practical example from my own research organization?

To submit your own practical example, two options are available under the menu item »Submit your own practical example«.

Submit by e-mail:

To do so, download the submission form, fill it out and send it by e-mail directly to the Toolbox team. You are welcome to attach photos of your practice example in addition to your form.

Submit via the input mask:

To do this, fill in the individual answer fields of the input mask and then click on the »Submit Information« button. Your details and any uploaded photos will be sent directly to the Toolbox team. A copy of your details will go directly to your specified e-mail address.
All submitted practical examples will be added to the »Gender Diversity Toolbox« after an editorial revision.

Why is a submitted practical example editorially revised?

The aim of the editorial processing by the operators is to ensure compliance with the uniform structure of the practical examples, a plausible classification to the subject areas of the »Gender Diversity Toolbox« and a formal correctness (e.g. spelling).

What do I have to do if I want to delete a practice example submitted by myself?

To revoke the publication, send us an e-mail. We will delete your practice immediately.