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Topic page »Family-friendly science«

The topic page »Family-friendly Science« is based on the BMBF projects »Effective!« and »Connect« funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The newly structured site is integrated into the CEWS portal and offers background information on the tension between gender equality and family policy on the one hand and references to CEWS-internal offers such as links, literature etc. on the other. For example, family service points can be searched in the link database. In addition, users can find information on networking activities of universities and research institutions as well as on certificates for scientific institutions for their family friendliness.

Toolbox »Equality in Science« of the DFG (German Research Foundation)

The toolbox is a freely accessible online information system that provides an exemplary overview of the potential range of gender equality measures in research and teaching. The practical examples in the instrument box are selected in a quality-assured procedure in order to ensure a model-based and thematically broad selection. The content and technology are provided by GESIS - Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences.

Toolbox »Gender and Diversity in Teaching«

The Toolbox is an offer for all teachers and staff of Freie Universität Berlin. It is freely accessible to all other interested parties. The toolbox offers support in planning and designing courses and many hints to deepen your knowledge of gender- and diversity-conscious teaching.

Best Practice at the »Charta der Vielfalt«

Here you will find a database with examples of success in the field of diversity management. They exemplify the wide range of measures and implementing organizations. The database is constantly being expanded and is used for the exchange of experience.

Toolbox »Women-MINT-Slam«

Science Slams are a suitable instrument to transport exciting topics in science communication. Women are still rather reserved when it comes to slams. That is why the office of the National Pact for Women in STEM professions (in German: MINT) »Komm, mach MINT« (»Come, do STEM«) has launched the Women-MINT-Slam. In addition, it has developed a toolbox with which it would like to make it easy for the Pact partners and all those active in the field of vocational orientation to carry out their own Women-MINT-Slam. The toolbox consists of documents and checklists for preparing a Women-MINT-Slam and templates for documents that can be used during the event. The documents are editable and can be adapted to different occasions.

Do you also run a toolbox that deals with similar topics? Then contact us, we will gladly include your Toolbox on our list.