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Description of Issues and Targets
Express visibility and appreciation of parenthood at the institute and strengthen communion with the institute.

Description of Offer/ Action
After the birth of a baby, every employee receives a baby gift box at home. The box contains a baby romper as well as a greeting card signed by the institute management. The baby romper is embroidered with the Fraunhofer-logo. Instead of the lettering “Fraunhofer” and the usually following acronym of the institute, the words “Fraunhofer Nachwuchs”, meaning Fraunhofer progeny, is embroidered in the same style. The greeting card is based on the Fraunhofer-logo. The lettering, as well as the color of the baby romper, are consciously designed gender-neutral.

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Implementation Approach
After preliminary talks with all responsible bodies, a process of proceeding was defined jointly. The process that was agreed upon corresponds to the institute culture as well as to the legal conditions and requirements related to data protection. After an employee has reported the birth of a baby to the human resources department the process is triggered. As soon as the gift card is signed it gets included in the gift box. The baby gift then gets dispatched by a personnel administrator to the private address of the employee. Thereby it is important to consider that the person sending the gift needs to be allowed to have access to the private addresses of the employees.

Results and Modes of Action
The offer was taken very positively. In the framework of the project “WHIST”, there was a survey of the receivers of the present. Among other things, the survey revealed that the dispatch to the private address is preferred.

Mode of action:
Employees who have just had a child feel appreciated. In addition, it makes them feel that also with family they are welcome at the institute. The institute management is once more becoming aware that employees do not only have a work life but also a family life. The institute management thus actively experiences which employees are having a baby and how much progeny the employees of the institute have.

© Fraunhofer IAO

This Offer is Part of the Category
Gender-sensitive organization culture
Reconciliation of work and private life

Success Criteria and Possible Obstacles
The offer was made possible through the project »WHIST – Women´s careers hitting the target: Gender Management in scientific and technological research«, which was financed by the EU. Especially useful for the implementation were personal talks with the respective decision-makers and an early inclusion of the HR administration officers.

Comments on this Offer
The offer applies to all employees who are about to become a parent. The measure, therefore, isn’t directed to women only but also to men and to permanent staff as well as to graduate assistants and interns.
After a testing phase with the institutes at the institute center Stuttgart, the baby romper can be ordered directly via the Fraunhofer-portal and is therefore available for all institutes.