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The aim of the project “Gender Aspects in Research” (funded by the BMBF) was to develop knowledge bases and methodologies for the consideration of gender aspects in the research and development process in the field of application-oriented research. Among others, a guide to identifying gender aspects in research was developed.

The guide consists of four sections:

  1. Review of gender relevance
    This is the largest block and serves to review the research project on gender relevance in the four dimensions »physio« (eg differences in physique, voice, etc.), »psycho« (cognitive differences and individual needs and preferences), »socio« (social structures, social usage contexts, daily living), and »ideo« (social norms and stereotypes).
  2. Instruments to consider gender aspects
  3. Innovation potentials
  4. Argumentation example to consider gender relevance in a research project on […]


The guideline was then applied to various case studies from the following research areas:

  • Energy and environment
  • Information and communication technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Production technology and work organization
  • Transport and traffic



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