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The Gendered Innovations project was initiated in July 2009 at Stanford University. In January 2011, the European Commission set up an expert group for two years on “innovation through gender” to develop the gender dimension in EU-European research and innovation. The aim of the Gender Innovations project is to provide scientists and technicians with appropriate methods for the analysis of sex and gender.

On the project homepage, there are 6 main portals:

  • Methods for the analysis of sex and gender in the context of research and technology.
  • Case studies illustrating the way in which the analysis of sex and gender leads to innovation.
  • Terms for explaining central concepts used throughout the website.
  • Guidelines for researchers, technicians, and reviewers.
  • Recommendations in addition to links to key national and international policies that support Gendered Innovations
  • Institutional changes for a summary of the current literature on the 1) increase in the proportion of women in science, technology, medicine and the Environment, 2) elimination of subtle gender-based distortions in research institutions and 3) Solutions and Success models.



  • English Website of the Project
  • German Website of the Project
  • European Commission (2013): Gendered Innovations. How Gender Analysis Contributes to Research. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.
  • Schiebinger, Londa (2008): Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering. Stanford University Press.