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Description of Issues and Targets
During school holidays there is an increased need for caring and occupying schoolchildren as the number of school holidays with more than 60 days (depending on the method of counting and state) outnumbers the days off work of both parents put together.

Description of Offer/ Action
On Easter, Whitsun and summer holidays there is a holiday childcare offer for the children of employees of the Fraunhofer-Institutszentrum Stuttgart (IZS) and University of Stuttgart. The offer consists of a diverse range of activities and it includes meals. It is aimed at schoolchildren from 6-12 years and their siblings aged 4 years and older.

Implementation Approach
Since 2004 the Equal Opportunity Department of the University of Stuttgart in collaboration with a provider of local childcare facilities, the Konzept-e gGmbH and the five Fraunhofer institutes in Stuttgart, has organized a holiday childcare offer for kids of employees each year. There is also a childcare offer on Easter holidays in addition to the Whitsun and summer holidays since 2013.

Formal Requirements
There is an application form on the website of »Konzept-e« which has to be completed a few weeks in advance. The final distribution depends on the sequence of registration. Fees for 4-5 days are between € 60 and € 70 and are subsidized by the employer via the aid association »Kind e.V.«.

Results and Modes of Action
By attending the research holidays kids playfully get to know their parent´s working field of research. The kids are cared for in a variety of ways and get the chance to get in touch with other kids while their parents can go to work.

This Offer is Part of the Category
Reconciliation of work and private life
Career advancement for women

Conductive Conditions
The offer applies to schoolkids between 6-12 years, but also for their younger siblings from the age of 4 years. The offer is subject to charge and the number of participants is limited. The offer is subsidized by the employer.

Comments on this offer
The Institute Center Stuttgart (IZS) is represented in the association Kind e.V. by the management of the IZS. The association KIND e.V. has commissioned the company Konzept-e with the management of its facilities.