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Description of Issues and Targets
The intranet pages provide the employees with quick and easy information about the current Equal Opportunity Officers (EOO) and about activities Catering equal opportunities at Fraunhofer IAO. The activities support women and men in reconciliation of work- and private life and should offer equal and good chances for their job development.

Description of Offer/ Action

The intranet of Fraunhofer IAO contains a subcategory for the topic »Equality of Opportunity«. The following information is available there for all employees:

  • Contact details of the Equal Opportunity Officers
  • Information on works meetings, conferences and meetings of the steering committee, general information regarding equal opportunities
  • Activities at IAO/IAT and IZS: flexible working-with-kids-office, women´s network meetings, Girls’ Day & Boys‘ Day, Total E-Quality Award, holiday care, parental-leave-café as well as information on current and past projects regarding gender
  • Gender-sensitive language at IAO and IAT
  • Information on reconciliation of work and private life
  • Information on promotion and mentoring

Results and Modes of Action
There is no evaluation on how often the equality related intranet pages are being used. However, the mere existence of the web pages do have the effect that employees are aware that equality of opportunity is a topic at IAO. It increases the visibility of the topic.

This Offer is Part of the Category
Gender-sensitive organization culture
Reconciliation of work and private life

Success Criteria and Possible Obstacles
People, who realize that equality of opportunity should be a topic on the intranet, be it a cooperative IT department or other people responsible for the intranet.

Comments on this Offer/Action
An important point is the maintenance of the intranet (sustainability). The maintenance is guaranteed by the EOO. Due to low time capacities of the EOO maintenance of the homepage might be a critical point. It is advisable to formulate information universal enough to keep them from becoming obsolete quickly, e.g. do not  write: »the IAO received the Total E-Quality Award this year«, but instead »in 2013 the IAO received the Total E-Quality Award again«.