Flexible Working Conditions (Working Time Arrangements and Choice of Place of Work) (Fraunhofer MEVIS)

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Description of Issues and Targets
Working conditions can be arranged flexibly by individual agreements regarding working time and working place. The aim is to optimize the reconciliation of work and family life.

Description of Offer/ Action
Organization of working conditions are discussed individually and are promptly implemented.
Examples of flexible working conditions are:

  • Part-time work is possible for all employees.
  • Change of regular working hours is promptly implemented.
  • After having consulted with their supervisors all employees can partly work outside of the institute. Computers are provided. Many employees use laptops which give them sufficient flexibility.

Implementation Approach
Individual agreements on times of absence and presence with colleagues respecting project-specific and individual needs are technically supported, e.g., by exchange-calendars and e-mail.

Formal Requirements
If needed, additional computers for working outside of the institute have to be provided.

Results and Modes of Action
Currently, there are 13 employees working at non-institute locations. Individual working time and part-time work are commonly used. In the employee survey of 2015, the employees of Fraunhofer MEVIS were substantially satisfied above average regarding the reconciliation of work and private life. 92% of all employees stated, »The frame conditions at my institute help me to successfully balance work and private life«.

This Offer is Part of the Category
Gender-sensitive organization culture
Compatibility of career and private life

Success Criteria and Possible Obstacles
The satisfaction of employees of having the possibility to work flexibly without administrative barriers and to adjust their working time according to their individual living conditions.