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Description of Issues and Targets
The aim of this gender project was the creation of a female scientists network in the German/Dutch border region (Euregio area, Rhein-Waal, and Rhein-Maas-Nord). In collaboration with female participants of Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (IMS) and three female professors of the universities in Groningen, Nijmegen, and Duisburg, a female scientists network, projects for the advancement and support of young female researchers as well as possible new projects were planned to be put in place.

Description of Offer/ Action
Besides network meetings which took place at the different locations of the participants there are some other measures worth being mentioned. These are a communication training »How to communicate effectively as a woman in science«, a coaching about »presenting scientific work«, information days for male and female students, an exchange for female students, laboratory excursions to the respective institutes.

Implementation Approach
Besides the regular network meetings, the IMS institute offered a laboratory tour to all participants as well as a communication training for women with a special focus on gender-relevant communication patterns. Further offers have been carried out at the other locations and with the participation of IMS colleagues.

Formal Requirements
The offer is a project funded by Euregio (with corresponding conditions).

Results and Modes of Action
The network meetings and offers within the project were very interesting and enriching. The communication seminar and the seminar about the presentation of scientific work (inter alia with an actor) were special highlights.

This Offer is Part of the Category
Career Promotion of Women
Gender-sensitive research

Success Criteria and Possible Obstacles
It became visible that closer networking on a regional level is easier to implement and more realistic in the long run. Therefore the network meetings between the two institutes in Duisburg will be maintained. Travelling times of several hours (e.g. from Duisburg to Groningen) complicate the joint activities.

Further Comments on this Offer
This project took place in 2008. The network was active on a regional level for some time. Then, significant persons who were the driving forces for the network and its organizational framework left the network. So currently the network is not active.