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Description of Issues and Targets
The topic of career development has a lot to do with the individual personality: What kind of type am I? Which are my passions, competences, necessities? What is my own personal career goal? The aim of the workshop is to sharpen personal development goals and to check them against personal strengths, the current phase of life and the challenges and opportunities at Fraunhofer. Especially for Women the look at their own strengths is a very effective form of support for their career development. Following the workshop, the participants are encouraged to continue exchanging experiences. Moreover, systematic career development is an argument to gain interesting candidates for the institute.

Description of Offer/ Action
The workshop is part of the Fraunhofer training program and is offered to mixed groups. The decisive advantage of groups with only female participants is that room can be provided for the topics »obstacles and work-related barriers«. Also, gender roles do not openly or subliminally influence the work during the workshop.

Implementation Approach
The Equal Opportunity Officers (EOO) of the institute center of Schloss Birlinghofen (IZB) have discussed the project with the administration management of their institutes and promoted the workshop. After the implementation of the workshop was decided, the EOOs of the regional group west were included and promoted the workshop at their institutes. One of the institutes then took over the organization. Rooms on the campus were reserved and an internal settlement system was set among the participating institutes. The booking of the external trainer was carried out jointly with the relevant employee from the department of personnel development.

Formal Requirements
It is important to convey, that this offer is not exclusively addressed to women. The realization of the workshop with women only is a supplementary offer.

Results and Modes of Action
As a consequence of the very positive feedback about the workshop the EOOs are advocating for a regular implementation every two years.

Success Criteria and Possible Obstacles
In order to recruit enough participants for the workshop, several regional institutes should cooperate.

This Offer is Part of the Category
Career Promotion for Women

Further Comments on this Offer
Additionally here are a few comments from the participants:

  • »A very interesting workshop, surprisingly interactive, which can help a lot to point out how our actual career is and how we can improve and develop it in order to reach our goals taking in consideration our conditions as a woman.«
  • »I have become more aware of my goals and dare to try to reach them. And I have also realized the motives of some of my reactions.«
  • »Opportunity to become clear about own career goals, goals become more tangible.  Very appealing organization of the workshop with a lot of room for discussion.«